Pokemon GO – Expectations vs Reality


Pokemon GO was a soon-to-be global phenomenon when Press Start decided it was time to catch em all and create some of the most engaging content for gamers of 2016. As relatively new gaming website, Press Start’s was tasked with capturing the unforeseeable hype of Pokemon GO on the day of release. Knowing that it would pull on the nostalgia strings of multiple age groups, Press Start set targeted both hard core gamers and the casual gamer to achieve ultimate goals of increasing their Facebook Audience, website visits and engagement.


Pokemon GO – Expectations VS Reality was a social video showcasing four scenarios of Pokemon GO and how they played out in the minds of Pokemon fans VS how they lived out in real life.

Timing was absolutely critical, with over 500 million downloads worldwide, the target audience for Pokemon GO was everyone with a smartphone. Being the fastest downloaded app of all-time, Pokemon GO caused hysteria not only Australia, but worldwide. Press Start was on the forefront of this, creating this compelling content before Pokemon GO was oversaturated on new and traditional media.


The task of creating content that’s relatable and shareable to all people including both Gamers and casual gamers is no simple task. Yet the solution proved to be incredibly simple – good content, syndicated at the right time. Press Start just 3,000 Facebook Fans yet managed to reach more than 30 MILLION organically.

Press Start’s Facebook Fans jumped to 10,500 – 250% increase overnight! Top to off the KPIs, over 28 thousand site visits and over 730,000 social engagements prove that you really can catch em all.