Effective Platforms

Engaging over

10 million people each week

More than just radio and TV, SCA is a truly integrated media company across more relevant and diverse media channels than any other Australian media company. Given the depth of its portfolio, SCA is uniquely set up to evolve with Australians and how they source and consume their entertainment content. Plus, we offer cross-platform solutions like no other that deliver time and time again.



Put simply, our radio networks are the best in the country – delivering the most engaging entertainment, music, sport, comedy, events and up-to-the-minute news across Australia.


Engaging over 4.1 million viewers each week across Australia, SCA delivers exceptional audience share in key demographics.


Through the many facets of digital media SCA gives you the opportunity to create and provide engaging cross-platform media solutions.



At SCA we love a party. We are the only entertainment media company to bring you the best and biggest music acts live!