Digital Radio

Digital Radio

DAB+ Digital Radio is the new way to listen to radio. The listener benefits include: - Improved choice with new stations and niche formats - Digital sound quality - Improved reception - On-screen information, such as the song that's playing now. - No subscription fees - The ability to pause and rewind on some devices

For SCA, Digital Radio is the space to build new formats that work for new audiences and clients. SCA operates the most Digital Radio spectrum out of all commercial broadcasters in Australia. This means we are able to launch more stations and give even greater choice for listeners and clients.

DAB+ Digital Radio is on-air now in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and as a trial in Canberra. It's now available in an ever increasing range of vehicles. In-car listening to digital radio will experience rapid growth in coming years.

Find out more about SCA's Digital Radio portfolio of stations here.