Triple M

Triple M


The Triple M network is the most iconic radio brand in the country and extends across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and 29 regional markets. Like its listeners, Triple M is proudly local, down-to-earth and not afraid to push a few boundaries.

Triple M in the metro regions is made for men. Its listeners (broadly speaking) are aged between 25-44.They love life, hanging out with their mates and listening to Triple M for everything its famous for Rock, Sport and Comedy.

In Perth, Mix94.5 operates under the Triple M Network. Mix94.5 plays a slightly wider variety of music and is highly loved by everyone in the west. Mix94.5 is the favourite radio station of the people of Perth and also Australias most successful radio station ever!

Regionally, Triple M represents the greatest variety of music and targets both males and females broadly aged between 25 – 54.