Engaging over 4.1 million viewers each week across Australia, SCA delivers exceptional audience share in key demographics:-

  • 23% All People 10+
  • 27.1% All People 25-39
  • 24.8% All People 25-54

With a unique mix of programs, news and community service information across all markets, Southern Cross Ten is broadcast to NNSW and Spencer Gulf, Southern Cross Television broadcasts channel 7 programming to South Australia and Tasmania, and Nine is broadcast to regional QLD, SNSW, regional VIC, Tasmania, Spencer Gulf and Central. If that’s not enough SCA broadcast ONE, Eleven, 7Two, 7Mate, GO, Gem, and 9Life – check out the TV guides below for more information.




In Tasmania Southern Cross Television is proud to offer the state’s leading nightly half hour news services. SCA also produces half hourly bulletins across our Spencer Gulf region markets.


SCA believes everyone should have access to great TV. So as well as broadcasting a broad range of television content across the country, SCA also plays a significant role in helping remote Australians stay in touch through the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service.


Southern Cross Austereo TV Coverage

A full range of digital commercial channels are broadcast off satellite in remote areas to an estimated 80,000 households who would otherwise not have access to Free To Air television. Access to the service is applied for and lodged through a SCA VAST call centre daily and given SCA exclusively administers and plays out all regional TV onto the VAST platform, it positions SCA uniquely in Australian TV broadcasting.

Under agreement with the Federal Government, all regional Free to Air television networks send their completed daily content to SCA’s Canberra play-out headquarters for VAST customers. This service offers VAST customers to over 20 FTA television channels that would otherwise not be available.

Regional TV… Effective TV

Free to Air TV continues to be by far the most popular mass medium in regional Australia.

Regional consumers have the same spending power as those in the capital cities and typically account for around 35%-40% of total Australian sales of most goods and services. No-one understands this surprising stat like SCA and as a result delivers the full power of regional Australia to clients and partners. Quite simply, due to the significantly lower cost per viewer, the inclusion of regional TV will improve the overall rate of return from any marketing campaign. It makes a lot of sense.

Power of local

Regional Australians are by and large more engaged in their communities than people in metropolitan areas and they view their local TV networks as part of their community and a trustworthy source of local news.


Regional Television networks are the primary, and frequently only, source of local broadcast news, weather and sports. Basically this drives higher appointment viewing and higher engagement than what you’d find in the national news broadcasts.Around 40% of all advertising on regional TV is from local retailers and services. It’s just another reason why viewers are more engaged with the medium. Increasing numbers of national advertisers are seeing the benefits of developing localised communications strategies using sponsorships, promotions and integrated branded content developed by regional TV.No other company delivers the power of local like SCA.