PodcastOne – There’s One for Everyone

 PodcastOne – There’s One for Everyone

 Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) formally launched its Australian podcasting network – PodcastOne in Sydney tonight.

During the live beta phase the PodcastOne network has been steadily growing with well over 2 million downloads in the first month. With new original domestic podcasts to be released along with a consumer marketing campaign to commence in the coming days, PodcastOne is set to continue its growth in Australia.

The PodcastOne network consists of specially curated podcasts for Australian audiences with selected premium original long form domestic podcasts together with the most popular US PodcastOne podcasts.

With a focus on developing and licensing new original long form podcast content, PodcastOne can offer a range of genres and styles that appeal to Australian audiences.

Launching PodcastOne SCA’s CEO Grant Blackley said, “We’ve seen an explosion in consumers appetite for video on demand with Netflix and Stan and people hungry for personalised audio they can listen to how and when it suits them.

“The strength of podcasting is its ability to advertise to audiences who have personally selected their content and are therefore highly engaged – these are often hard to reach audiences that can be measured.”

“SCA has a long proud tradition of making audio content and we are now applying our skills to move into the space of audio on demand.

“SCA is becoming a powerhouse of selecting and guiding talent, producing, technical production – ultimately podcasting is about story telling.”        “Podcasts are the home of long-form narrative where stories told, and issues explored and discussed over a number of hours.”

Jim Berk, PodcastOne US said, “The Australian PodcastOne team has done and extraordinary job creating a network with such a diverse line-up of high quality, entertaining podcasts that traverse every genre.

“It’s evident that SCA is serious about podcasting and the quality of the content they are producing is well validated by their download numbers.”

PodcastOne Australian content:


The Howie Games – Mark HowardThe Trials of the Vampire – Adam Shand

Complete Drivel – Christian Hull

A Plate to Call Home – Gary Mehigan

Mum Says My Memoir is a Lie – Rosie Waterland

The Mentor – Mark Bouris

Sex and Life – Dr. Nikki Goldstein

The Next Billion Seconds – Mark Pesce

Aussies in Hollywood – Jenny Cooney

Coach– Paul Roos

Extreme Vetting – The Chaser

Oh ErrolSarah O’Neill & Keira Stewart

Health Hacker – Adam MacDougallCrappy to Happy – Tiff Hall and Cass Dunn

Puka Up – Wayne Schwass

We Fact Up – Dave Zwolenski & Redd Peterson

We Paid to See This – Darren Hayes

Game On Australia – Pete Curulli & Dan Van Der Meer

The Start Cast – Press Start

Submission Radio Australia – MMA

MediaWeek TV

Seven Days by Media Week

The Ad Break – The Guardian



PodcastOne US content:

 The Adam Carolla Show – Most downloaded Podcast in US

Talk is Jericho – Chris Jericho

The Steve Austin Show

Beyond the Darkness

You’re Welcome -Chael Sonnen

The Ross Report – WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

The Big Podcast – Shaq O’Neill

LadyGang – Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek

Song Talks – Richard Marx

Bret Easton Ellis Podcast


Dr Drew Podcast DrDrew PinskyMohr Stories – Jay Mohr

Post Mortem – Mick Garris

Forbes Sports Money

The Forbes Interview

Mentoring Moments – Forbes

100% Honest. Pretty Much – Tom Arnold

Forbes U30

The Limit Does Not Exist – Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell

Mind Full – Alisha Perkins





Lucy Rowles, PR Manager on 0420 669 267 or lucy.rowles@sca.com.au