SCA offers further scale and simplicity with Digital radio

The Hit and Triple M radio networks will deliver more scale and simplicity than ever before with a new combined digital/FM radio offering.

Following SCA’s digital brand alignment of the Triple M and Hit Networks on July 1, the additional reach of SCA’s digital stations will now be automatically included in all Metro FM radio campaigns; The Hit Network’s – Buddha, Easy, Oldskool and Triple M’s Classic Rock, Greatest Hits and Modern Digital, offering buyers significant additional audience reach.

This strategy takes the number of SCA’s aligned radio stations from 78 to 84.

SCA’s Chief Sales Officer, Brian Gallagher said, “SCA has simplified access to the additional audiences that digital radio delivers. GfK is now providing digital ratings data that allows buyers to measure the commercial impact of our digital stack. Now is the time for SCA to deliver larger audiences without any further complexity and absolute clarity in delivery.”


SCA’S Chief Creative Officer, Guy Dobson said, “We are committed to expanding audiences for our leading brands in the Hit and Triple M stables. This is part of a long term strategy to improve our digital content offering, increase overall audience numbers and provide even more value across our digital and FM radionetworks.”

Brian Gallagher added, “This enhanced suite of brands will allow advertisers to easily reach aligned audiences across a diverse group of Hit and Triple M Network brands.”
This new combined digital offering is now available and will take effect on digital radio from November 6.