Following the announcement of the company’s new talent development unit, Hubble, Southern Cross Austereo today launches its new website,, providing a gateway for the next generation of media personalities.


A first of its kind in Australia, the website will allow people from all walks of life to express their interest in a broadcast career with SCA, across the company’s radio, podcast and digital platforms.


“Entertainers often talk about how hard it can be to get a foot in the door; will make it easier to get in front of the right people, and actively pursue a career in the industry”, said Guy Dobson, Chief Content Officer.


With two new development shows on Triple M Modern Digital, and many more planned in 2018, the website comes at a great time.


“This is a new tactic for us, but we have more opportunities for talent than ever before, so we’re casting the net far and wide”, said Guy.


“Over the years, we’ve found outstanding talent in some unlikely places; this “open door” approach will help ensure we don’t miss anyone, and give us the most diverse, competitive range of talent in the industry”.


Candidates are required to fill out a basic form, outlining their experience and aspirations, and include at least one piece of content for consideration. SCA’s talent team review all submissions, and applicants of interest will be demoed accordingly.


‘We’re excited to see what our search uncovers!” said Guy.