The Studio

The Studio at SCA is Southern Cross Austereo’s commercial creative team.

In The Studio at SCA, we make brand fans

We connect our creators directly with your brand to develop campaign ideas that entertain and engage.  In The Studio, insights drive our ideation. We use our vast resources across our whole business to understand what engages our audience and motivates them to act.

What’s different about The Studio at SCA?

We have removed the line between our creators and our clients. Our creative talent, including the likes of Hamish & Andy, Fifi, Fev and Byron & Eddie McGuire know how to create ideas that entertain.  They want to work directly with you to create ideas for your brands.

Our Campaign Ideas and Campaign Creative teams help develop, produce and execute world class campaigns that make your brand the star.

The Studio at SCA is open for business

If you’d like to come into our brand new creative ideas space (also called ‘The Studio’) and jam with our creative talent, contact your Account Manager today, or email us direct –